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Legal Music Downloads Review offers a free unbiased guide with reviews of the top legal music downloads services.

Music downloads are widely available on the Internet. These services basically work the same way: You buy a monthly subscription and then have access to stream all the songs you want from the online music catalog. You can also download a certain number of songs or purchase on a per-track basis to burn to a CD or transfer to a portable player.

There are usually a few restrictions, mostly regarding songs that have not been given the licensing rights from the owners who hold the publishing rights.
Also remember that “download” doesn’t necessarily mean you can burn it as well. Another consideration is to check and see if the sites are available in your country.

Most legal music downloads services have excellent search engines, programmed radio stations, resources for recommending similar music and unlimited tethered downloads.

The top services also have catalog access to the big five labels- Universal, Warner, Sony, EMI and BMG. This accounts for all but 20% of recorded music.

It’s these features that separate the legal music downloads sites from the dumping grounds of the swap shops. They want to entice you and keep you happy. So be looking for added features with more value and options in the near future.

Most sites charge a per-month fee for unlimited streaming, tethered downloads, and limited burning. Permanent downloads, burning and extra packs are available. Other plans are sometimes offered.

Let’s review the top legal music downloads sites:

EMusic -5*****
This top legal music site offers the best value, allows you to keep your downloads and at this time is offering a FREE MUSIC TRIAL - 50 free mp3 music downloads for 14 days - check out the details here. Read Review.

Yahoo Music- 5*****
Excellent Premium Radio with free unlimited streaming, free player software and now you can get downloads too! Read Review.

Rhapsody- 5*****
Good navigation and tons of music. Try their free trial. Read Review.

Napster - 4****
This now-legal site has a ton of music with great navagation and features. Read Review.

From Apple, this Mac friendly site allows you to download purchased individual tracks. Read Review.

Full Audio’s Music Now-2***
Poor software and search feature, this site has an emphasis on radio. Read Review.

It’s a great idea to take the legal music downloads sites free trial offers to check out all the features and available songs. You have nothing to loose but a lot of free music to gain. So go to the sites, click on a favorite, and SING along!

Music Download Review

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