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When you download free online music, you use a network that integrates p2p (peer-to-peer) file sharing agents. Make sure you download free mp3's with a site that doesn't use spyware or adware, has quality mp3 downloads, provides legal info, and offers tech help.

Great free music downloads can be found if you search and weed out the poor quality "dump sites". Let's take a look at some recommended free mp3 download services.

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Essentially, for free music downloads you have the possible risks of spyware and adware installed on your computer, poor quality mp3 downloads and a slight possibility of a lawsuit from the RIAA if you illegally download copyrighted music files.

 It is helpful to understand what is involved with free music networks when you download free music.

 For minimal risk to get free digital music, use sites that offer privacy protection, information on how to remain legal, and provide a large selection of quality MP3's for downloading. A good free music download site will also have assistance available if needed.

 Out of all the Download Free Music choices online, there are few that provide a good, quality service... However- they ARE out there and there's plenty of great free music downloads for those who want it. So have fun, search, download and don't forget to SING ALONG!

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