MP3 Ripper Guide

This MP3 ripper guide teaches you what it means to rip a CD and how to do it. Get ready – using a CD ripper is easy and fun!

When you are ripping CDs, you are not tearing anything apart. To
"rip CD's" is just a catchy way of saying that you are doing
Digital Audio Extraction (DAE).

When you use a CD ripper, you bring each individual audio track from a CD onto your computer. The tracks are copied as WAV files for the best recording quality. A ripper can also bring in and convert tracks to more compressed formats, such as MP3. In WAV format, a minute of hard drive space takes up about 10MB. That is why music encoding / compressing is popular-much less space is used.

The quality of a CD ripper extraction depends on:

  • Your computer's hardware
  • The CD-ROM drive
  • The condition of the compact disc
  • What software you use

If you have an old drive and are serious about using a ripper, it would be a good time to update because the process to rip CDs is not supported by much older CD-ROM drives.

If you are a perfectionist, you can use a dedicated ripper. For the rest of us, there is free software, such as Real One. With this software, you get a free download that can easily convert WAV to MP3 format, or if you want to upgrade to the Real Player Plus media player that has advanced burning and ripping technology that works very quickly. This service is user-friendly and does a great job as a ripper using the digital recording mode for a cleaner sound.

One last thing – Just keep in mind that making copies of copyrighted material is sensitive. Check what the laws are in your country. Some allow for backups and burning to portable players and some allow sharing. Choose a reputable music download site and follow the online instructions.

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