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Yahoo Music Jukebox has a lot to offer. It has won numerous awards and with a new version and added features,it just gets better. There are other music players out there, but considering the quality of Yahoo Music and what it offers, it simply is the best choice.

Even better, Yahoo Jukebox now gives you access to a large library of legal music Downloads with over two million songs.

You can choose to mix radio stations to create your own station with the amount of music you would like from each one. In just a few minutes you can make a personal radio station with your mix of genres to listen to for work, evenings, weekends or special occasions.

If you want to use Yahoo Jukebox just for the feature known as Free Launch Radio, you would have a great time discovering music similar to your favorite artists.Simply enter the artist that you choose and Yahoo Music Jukebox will make a station that will have that artist as well as others with a similar sound.

Also, along those lines, Yahoo Jukebox will let you choose an artist or band to listen to, play their music and you can skip or replay songs according to your desire.

Yahoo Music Plus gives you premium radio and unlimited streaming.

Musicmatch Yahoo Music Jukeboxhas mergered with Yahoo music offering you a variety of powerful music services, such as advanced cd burning technology. The software developers of the Musicmatch jukebox joined with the engineers of the Yahoo Music Jukebox to give you the best of the Musicmatch jukebox and Yahoo jukebox combined.

This resulted in the development of the new Yahoo Music that provides many of the top Music Match features, including; playing music on your PC, easy-to-use ripping and CD burning technology, and helpful music organizing benefits. And besides offering an easy way to burn a CD, the music jukebox also gives you access to online radio, cheap music downloads and music sharing capabilities.

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