What are the Superior P2P File Sharing networks and

what should you understand about using peer-to-peer file sharing before you download music?

P2P, which stands for peer-to-peer, is downloading a file of any type right from the computer of another person within your p2p network.

What makes file sharing in the music industry controversial and illegal, is when copyrighted music files are shared. Unless the artist gives permission (which is sometimes the case for their live concerts), sharing copyrighted mp3 files, is illegal.

When you connect with a P2P network, it asks what you are sharing, then searches and finds someone who has what you are looking for. This in itself is not illegal. It is when you download copyrighted material , such as MP3 music files, that makes it wrong.

With recent lawsuits against individuals using illegal file swapping from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), it makes you think twice about using p2p file sharing for copyrighted music downloads. Also, realize that children are not exempt either and have had lawsuits against them as well for sharing files illegally.

P2p music file swapping is fun and you
can acquire a lot of good music this way
. Just be
sure to use a superior p2p file sharing site that provides privacy protection and quality mp3's. Here's what inferior peer-to-peer networks usually contain...

  • Spyware is almost always contained in file swapping freeware and shareware. The spyware software gathers information and monitors the activities you perform, unbeknown to you.

  • Adware is also contained in these P2P networks. Your computer can and probably will be stuffed with a huge amount of intrusive advertising.

  • Pornography is very prevalent on the Internet. Be very aware that porn peddlers disguise their software as the latest game demo or other allurements to redirect your modem to dial premium-rate porn lines or porn sites.

  • Spoofing is when P2P file-sharing networks are filled with fake files. For example, if you download what you think is a popular song, you will get the same ten seconds of the song over and over again.

If you want to be completely safe, rather than use MP3 file sharing, it is best to use legitimately licensed services to get your free MP3 music downloads. These sites have been established to provide quality, legal music downloads.

Remember, you want to be paid for your work, so also do the artists that bring us the songs we enjoy so much.

Now that you understand what is involved with p2p music file sharing, you are ready to search and download free music with a superior file sharing network. A lot of free music can be found using these music swapping sites. You might even find some new or hard-to-find songs.

To get the best of both worlds, it would be a good idea to use a paid service for copyrighted songs and a good p2p file sharing site for the rest. .

Just be sure to use precautions and a Free Music Site that has quality mp3 downloads, provides legal info, and offers tech help. Great free music downloads can be found if you search and weed out the poor quality "dump sites". Let's take a look at some recommended p2p file sharing websites.

  Superior P2P File Sharing WebSites:


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Don't forget to read the reviews on the best paid/subscription legal music services and use their free trials to download copyrighted mp3 files to add to your music collection. Learn, search, play and SING out loud!

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