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Singing and playing soothing, loving music to your precious little one can have a big impact on both you and your baby. It creates a special bond in the beginning of your relationship. Whether you want a cradlesong, playtime song, or music for a special occasion such as a baby dedication, baptism, or baby shower, selecting the right music for your baby can be very meaningful.

The English term lulla refers to a soothing refrain, specifically a song to quiet children. The musical composition is usually in 6/8 time.

Download Baby Songs for Best Choice

The best place to start your song for baby is to go to an online music service and listen to samples of songs. Good sites will have a larger database of music than you can find anywhere else and can provide you with similar choices. For example, if you look up the “Baby Bumble Bee” song, you will be given song titles of similar music for you to listen to.

You can listen for free and the sound files will be of a high quality. Choose a familiar song or veer off the path and try something different. While looking through the list of songs, perhaps you will find a song that you can sing to your baby on a regular basis. This can be your special song and when he/she is older, this song will always bring fond memories of their mother or father.

You also can easily download baby songs and music from these digital music sites when you find something you like. This way you can burn a CD of only the songs you want and in the order you want instead of buying several Cds with songs on them that you would not particularly choose.
This would be especially helpful for a ceremony or occasion such as a baby dedication, baptism, or baby shower. You can arrange the songs and music to your liking and suitable to the occasion.

If you are looking for a baby song lyric such as: Hush Little Baby lyric, many of the music services provide these as well.

Choose your baby song downloads from top quality sites. These can be in the form of a subscription to legal download sites with a back up from the five major recording studios or from a legal
download free music site with a wide array of music. Using both types of sites provides the largest opportunity for optimum music search.

Of utmost importance, is to get your music from Top Download Sites for Baby Song that will not place adware or spyware on your computer or have poor quality or partial- song downloads.

Your baby’s childhood is something you'll cherish forever. The songs and music that you choose will be an integral part of that memory.

Here are some Baby Song Time examples:

Bedtime Lullabies:

Rockabye Baby
All Through the Night
Golden Slumbers
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Eine Kleine Nachmusik
Moonlight Sonata

Playtime Songs:

Pop Goes the Weasel
If You’re Happy and You Know It
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
I’m a Little Teapot
Baby Beluga Song

Baby Baptism and Dedication:

I Want to be Just Like You
Take My Life and Let It Be
This Child We Dedicate to Thee
Good Shepard, Take This Little Child
Come Holy Spirit, Dove Divine

Baby Boy and Baby Girl Song:

Girl- Isn't She Wonderful
Boy - Beautiful Boy

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