CD Burner Review

Should you use free or purchased software for a CD burner? Is there a difference?

How hard is it to learn to burn a cd?
What is MP3 WAV convert?

The first thing to know if you are new to burning music, is that you can't make a music CD by transferring a bunch of MP3 files onto a blank CD.

If you did, the results would be a data CD of computer files.

A music CD is different and you need software that supports it.

What you need to burn a CD is:

  • The right software
  • A CD burner
  • A good quality drive and fast PC
  • A blank disk
  • A CD burner is technically called a CD-RW drive. Your computer might already have the software you need. If not you will need to purchase a CD-RW drive or use the free software that comes with an online music service. Unless you are a perfectionist, the free software from some of the top services is more than adequate to burn a cd.

    When you burn a CD, you'll want to use WAV files because, they are FULL CD quality.

    If you are extracting your downloaded files from MP3 format, (which you probably did to save space) they will need to be converted to WAV.

    Real One Rhapsody is a favorite music player of choice. It has everything you need to burn a CD. This service can convert and burn a CD from your MP3's, transfer music to a player, record your music into MP3 files, rip, download, manage your collection, print CD labels and much more.Also, it has a great interface and is very easy to use and understand. Read our full review of this music service.

    You will need a pack of CD-R discs (the R is for recordable). The CD-RW is for rewriting and is designed for computer use. Usually, the cheaper the disc the more likely it is to produce errors while you're burning. Make sure to check the speed rating to look for discs that support your computer's drive speed. Most discs hold about 80 minutes of music.

    A CD burner allows you to customize your own music and whether you purchase your own equipment or use a service such as Real One Rhapsody, you can't help but have fun. So try it, play it and don't forget to

    SING out LOUD!

    View details of Real One Rhapsody software and what it has to offer.


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