Kazaa Lite Review...

.. 4 THINGS this File Sharing Program does not have......AND WHY THAT'S GOOD

Kazaa Lite Gold (also known as K-lite Gold and often misspelled kazaa light, kaza lite, kazza light, kazza lite, kaaza light and kaaza lite gold) has pulled a "fast one" on it's rival, Kazaa.

Kazaa was the original popular peer-to-peer, or P2P, site used to download music and anything else people wanted to share.
Kazaa make's it's money from selling advertisements and the music industry believes that it's making money on the back of illegal file trading. So you can imagine the smiles from the music business when kazaa came under attack from file sharers in the form of kazaa lite..

K-Lite Gold does everything kazaa does, and more, but without the following:
  1. Adware with annoying pop-ups

  2. Sypware called Cydoor

  3. Spyware called Bonzi Buddy

  4. Harmful spyware called Brilliant Digital

Here's what kazaa lite does to insure your privacy and protection:

  • Easy and enjoyable searching without syware or adware.

  • Advanced file sharing technology that actually allows you to protect/hide your internet privacy

  • Also provides multiple downloads, especially good if you have broadband, so you can get supper-quick music downloads and...

  • Puts you at the front of download queues..

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Millions of people are connected to kazaalite. Many are downloading illegal files and a large portion of them are MP3s. The recording industry can't stop P2P file sharing programs because simply they aren't doing anything wrong.

File sharing sites act as a connecting agency. When you connect and conduct a search, it puts you in touch with someone who has what you’re looking for. The actual downloading happens directly between your computer and the other person's computer. If anyone is breaking the law, it would be you when you download copyrighted music or material.

How to use a file sharing program:

Using a file-sharing program to download music, like K-lite gold, is easy enough. After downloading the program, you indicate where your "share folder" is and anything you have in that folder is available for P2P sharing. You can then connect to the network after a short bit of configuration - such as if you have a modem or are on broadband - you're ready to go. Next choose what you're looking for - music, video, images, software, ect, then click the search button. When you found what you're looking for, click to download.

As threats on the internet grow, it's extremely important to use a spyware-free site, such as kazaalite (otherwise known as K-lite now available in their lastest gold version) or one of the other recommended sites, for your privacy and protection in music downloads. .

Take me to the kazaa lite gold file-sharing site.

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