RealOne Rhapsody

RealOne Rhapsody has a huge amount of songs from the five major recording companies as well as a good selection of radio stations.

Bought by RealNetworks from, and top pick for music services by PC Magazine, Rhapsody has
the best interface with easy navigation. Saved songs and playlists are easy to get to, a well as the stereo controls.

With about 50 radio stations, it's fun and easy to find new or favorite music to listen to. You can even skip ahead in the radio station's program to pick and choose which songs you want to hear.

If you want to make a playlist and email it to a friend, you can do so. The downside is that it is hard to open and edit your playlist.

RealRhapsody subscription plan is $9.95 a month. You can also purchase burnable tracks for below a $1 each. They offer an irresistible free 14 day trial so you have nothing to lose.

Real One is an excellent online music service with a large amount of music to keep you happy.

Try RealRhapsody for 14 days FREE and get unlimited listening access to 400,000+ songs from 1,000's of artists.

Extra Note:Real One also offers over 180 online games to play. With this special pass you can try the arcade free for a month. For game enthusiasts, it is a hard-to-beat site! RealArcade GamePass

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