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What does Emusic have to offer that the other music downloads do not?


...The best value of the legitamite music services for starters. Emusic is a very affordable 100% legal music service and from time to time will offer a free trial period.

  • Emusic also has a very generous download and burning policy. After you sign up you have access to burn or copy MP3 files freely and the downloads do not terminate if you let your membership expire as with many of the other music services.

  • Able to run with a web browser, Emusic can be used from anywhere. It also has the plus of working with both
    Mac and Windows systems.

    Emusic is offering a "try before you buy" promotion. For two weeks, you can get their FREE TRIAL which allows you to download free music - up to 50 SONGS - to download and keep.
    To get your free music, Cick here.

    EMusic trial offer is very easy to use. After signing up, you can immediately start listening to and downloading free music. Just follow these easy steps...

    1. Sign up and download the free emusic manager.

    2. Browse the emusic library and click on the green button to choose which songs to download. (The counter at the top of the page will tell you how many songs you have left.)

    3. Listen to your personal collection in the "My Music" folder on your desktop and don't forget to sing along!

      It's as easy as that! Some great features of emusic download manager are:

      • You can queue up multiple tracks at a time.
      • Download an entire album with one click.
      • Innovative "My Stash" page lets you keep your free collection of one-click links to your favorite emusic albums.
      • Share your albums with other emusic members with your emusic list.
      • Your music is conveniently organized on your desktop in one easy-to-find folder.
      • Your songs are yours to keep and you can cancel your free subscription at any time with a simple button click.

    • Note:Even though emusic is totally free, you need to sign up and use a credit/debit card which will be charged ONLY if you continue on with your subscription after the Free Trial of 14 days.

      Although emusic doesn't have the largest catalog of songs, it certainly is not lacking in it's quantity of music. It's a great way to try out one of the top legal music download services while getting 50 Free MP3s! So go ahead and give

      it a try!

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