Organize Your music library

This free music library guide gives you all the info needed to plug in to music online. Before you begin to download, it is important to know your personal filling system on your computer.

You want to store your information for easy access and good organization. The directory is where you keep your files organized according to categories, and the folders are where your files are held.

When installing new software, you can place it where you want it. Label your directory "Jane's Music" (fill in your name, of course) or your computer might already have a program labeled something like "My Music". Then make a sub-folder and label it "Music Library". You want to make sure your download music library is easy to find.

When installing music player software, it will more than likely default to be your music player for everything. With this in mind, make sure you do your homework and choose good software. Read the review on the best Music Services.

Next, decide from where you are going to download your music (see options below). Go to the music site, search for the song you want and click on it. The download will begin and the file transfer screen will pop up, telling you about how long it will take and where it is going.

When the process is completed, make sure the file went where you wanted it to go – "Jane's Music" folder. It's a good idea, especially if you did not get it from a quality site, to play it right away. You want to make sure the download is not poor quality or that the file is not corrupted.

Most sites allow you to do multiple downloads of music at one time. If you have a dialup connection, you might not want to have more than three or four downloads going at once, as the time will be much slower. The song that you last downloaded will be at the top. After your download, you can sort your music library according to how you want it listed.

Now that you know how to organize and access your music library, you're ready to search for your favorite songs. Have fun and
Sing Out Loud!

Where should you get your music? -Review the two choices below, with both pros and cons.

1. Legal Music Download Services
2. Free Music Services.

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