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Free MP3! "Great", you say, "that's just want I want. How and where do I get mp3 files for free?"

There are many music sites that allow you to download and listen to your mp3 files. The problem is finding a free music site that provides quality mp3 downloads without adding unwanted spyware or adware, as well as ensuring your privacy.

Listed below are recommended free mp3 download services.

Top Free MP3 Download Sites:

1. Free Unlimited Downloads
- Get Free Unlimited MP3 downloads to burn, huge database, latest movies, privacy protection, 100% legal software, tech help and more!

2. Official MP3 Download Site - Download free music with the fastest movie, video, and free music downloads protected MP3 music site!

3. Kazaa Lite - Popular for it's "Download Free Music" advanced Privacy Protection and SPYWARE, ADWARE-FREE unlimited MP3 downloads, videos and movies!

Getting MP3 files from online is a great way to get your favorite music as well as unearth some worthwhile new MP3s! Doing research and reading reviews before you jump in is a wise way to start.

So, armed with knowledge, have fun and find a free MP3 that makes your heart SING!

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